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Top 15 reasons to use

1. Get paid for doing absolutely ANYTHING on your computer, as long as you are using your mouse!!!
2. Use it at work, school, and home, ANYWHERE you just need one account!!
3. Highest paying multi-program of its kind on the Internet!!
4. Get paid for sending and reading email too!
5. Participation is absolutely FREE!!
6. Unlimited earning potential - Make as much money as you want with unlimited referral abilities!
7. Minimum payout is $15.00, that's less than any other company!!
8. Available ANYWHERE in the world!
9. Unlimited Referrals in our 7 tiered, Multi-level payout structure!
10. Bigger profits for you - fewer middlemen.
11. Competitive shopping tool - tell us what you want and we'll do the bargain hunting for you!!!
12. Choose from over 50 search engines to find exactly what you need! Find websites, people, businesses, music, etc.
13. Our Preferred customers will receive FREE Internet access for up to one year.
14. Earn extra money when you sign up for free offers.
15. Stats of your usage are only a click away.


This is where you can provide yourself with an opportunity to earn some serious cash!! If you refer your friends, family, and co-workers, you will receive a percentage of their profits in addition to your own earnings. You can refer as many people as you'd like!!! You will earn a percentage of what your direct referrals and indirect referrals make.
Direct Referrals are new members who have signed up because you personally told them about The GetPaid4 Bar.
Indirect referrals are the people who become members because they heard about our program through your direct referrals.
The network becomes even larger when your indirect referrals refer even more people to our program. When these people sign up, they become your indirect referrals as well.
This series of referrals expands up to 7 levels, and there is no limit to the total number of people you can have in your network. No other company allows this kind of multi-level payout structure!!! Most companies only give members credit for two or three levels of referral.
The current percentage of advertising revenues members receive is 70%. Bonus percentages are based solely on earnings made from referrals.
The current referral structure is as follows:
  Level one (direct referrals) = 10%
  Level two (indirect referrals) = 7%
  Level three (indirect referrals) = 5%
  Level four (indirect referrals) = 2%
  Level five (indirect referrals) = 2%
  Level six (indirect referrals) = 1%
  Level seven (indirect referrals) = 1%
So...for every dollar one of your direct referrals makes, you will earn 10 cents.